[Translators-l] Ready for early translation: Tech news summary #27

Tomasz W. Kozlowski tomasz at twkozlowski.net
Sat Jun 29 20:28:11 UTC 2013

Hi guys,
I would like to second Guillaume here and apologise for not preparing 
the bulk part of the newsletter earlier, just as we did it last week — 
on my part, I just lacked the motivation to sit down and review Bugzilla 
and Gerrit before today.

The current issue is a bit longer than usual since there have been many 
changes in VisualEditor recently, in preparation for its deployment on 
the English Wikipedia next week. I hope you'll be able to translate the 
newsletter into your language as always; of course, we can delay sending 
it out by an hour (or so) if need be.

If anyone would like to join myself and Guillaume in contributing to 
next issues of the newsletter, please don't hesitate and speak up (or 
just go ahead and add stuff without informing anyone :-)

Thank you all for the amazing work you're doing, I appreciate it greatly.

	-- Tomasz

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