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Mon Oct 29 19:55:15 UTC 2012

Thanks for preparing the survey. I wonder you reviewed Spanish translation,
but I guess they forgot Wikipedia in Spanish doesn't use "usted", a formal
way to address someone. We use "tú", which is more familiar. Where can I
make some suggestions, changes, etc?


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2012/10/29 Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at wanadoo.fr>

> Among the changes I made there was also the replacement of "editors"
> incorrectly translated as "éditeurs" in French. Because an "éditeur"
> is the person or organization that publishes the work made by authors.
> When authors are collective and redacting on the same work ("œuvre")
> that will be published by the same "éditeur", they are called
> "rédacteurs" (this may include those that contribute images, not just
> texts, and page layout, and the work performed by correctors).
> In the live interface of Wikimedia, the action "edit" is NEVER
> translated in French as "éditer" (even if this is frequently used, due
> to the other meaning of the term "editor" to designate the tool used
> to make the redaction and correction work), but as "modifier". I
> avoided anyway the term "modificateur" because it is too restrictive
> and removes the act of creation.
> I think that in the spirit of the project, "rédacteur" (and the
> associated verb "rédiger") is more respectuous of the work performed
> on the project for which the survey is created. Som may think that the
> act of discussing in talk page is different, it is still a
> contribution, which is redacted (= working on a written piece of work,
> not exactly like the term "redact" used in English that means more the
> action of modifying the work made by someone else, including
> corrections) as well.
> I tried to use a consistant terminology as well. I fixed also the
> punctuation. And there shoul not longer be any
> syntax/grammar/orthograph errors.
> Please review if you don't agree with some choices, but try to be
> consistant. Thanks.
> 2012/10/29 Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at wanadoo.fr>:
> > Yes but most of the typos were imported by a bot... the source of this
> > is not known.
> >
> > I've not seen these many typos last year.
> >
> > 2012/10/29 Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemowiki at gmail.com>:
> >> Historyh works as usual:
> >>
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Research:Wikipedia_Editor_Survey_August_2012/Questions/fr&action=history
> >>
> http://vs.aka-online.de/cgi-bin/wppagehiststat.pl?lang=meta.wikimedia&page=Research%3AWikipedia+Editor+Survey+August+2012%2FQuestions%2Ffr
> >> (but original translations by the bot come from the previous edition,
> if I
> >> remember correctly).
> >> Feedback to the authors of bad translations is surely useful; thanks for
> >> fixes.
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