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Hey takashi.

1) Tomorrow I plan to update the ways to give request. Its quite a job
integrating the translations and the original idea was that I wanted to
avoid translators having to worry about formatting but to be honest
probably just made the situation worse. In fact I am almost 100% certain I
did. The main reason for that attempt is that sometimes translators try to
transliterate or translate links or addresses when they shouldn't be and in
fact this reason in part applies to point 2 you raise.

2) Yeah that particular change was probably unnecesary and I have just
reverted that one.

3) I noticed that. For the time being its been easy enough to simply update
the number when I am moving the translations. The number was revised
upwards and didn't update all the numbers everywhere (too many numbers. Ill
update the number for future translations but so far its been a minor issue
to rectify :)

Thanks :)


On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 12:30 AM, Takashi OTA <
supertakot+translators at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi lists,
> I'm working on the fundraising 2012 messages into Japanese.
> 1:
> In [[Fundraising_2012/Translation/Ways_to_give/12]],
> the source message seems as:
> * Follow the on-screen directions from that point on.  You can find
> more information on $waystogiveurl PayPal's page$ways2giveclose.
> Should these $waystogiveurl and $ways2giveclose be used as brackets,
> like composing [[PayPal's page]]?
> 2:
> In [[Fundraising_2012/Translation/Donor_information_pages/2f]],
> “In the meantime, please look at the following URL for other options
> that may be available to you at this time:[[Ways to Give/en|other ways
> to give]].”
> has changed into
> “ In the meantime, please look at the following URL for other options
> that may be available to you at this time:  '''Ways to give'''.”
> recently (link removed). Will '''Ways to give''' not be linked when
> released?
> Some languages (including Japanese) do not have colons and a notation
> to place noun (clause) after that. So I considered to incorporate
> '''Ways to give'''
> into the sentence before, if it is not a link (or even it is).
> I would like to know why this change has been made, and where the actual
> "the following URL" will be.
> 3:
> In [[Landing Page and Banner messages]], the message 4b says "150 staffs",
> while the message "140 employees". The fact may be in between 140 and
> 150 or so :)
> but readers may regard it inconsistent, if both are read.
> Bests,
> --OTA Takashi
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