[Translators-l] Central notice re travel guide

Michael Wolf milupo at sorbzilla.de
Tue Jul 24 13:17:47 UTC 2012

Federico Leva (Nemo) schrieb:
> The central notice shouldn't be shown in languages it's not translated to.

Hello Federico,

you forget one thing. There are a lot of users that understand English 
as well. And they will be informed then as well. If you don't show a 
central notice nobody is informed, neither those that understand 
English. And you cannot know before, when the central notice will be 
translated - less than ever the translator even does not know that there 
is a new central notice. I saw it only because it was shown in English 
on Wikipedia. It was not on the page for translation requests. Then 
Eleri James asked in the mailing list and Lloffiwr on the discussion 
page of Requests for comment/Travel guide.
We all have known only that there is a new central notice because it was 
shown on Wikipedia in English.


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