[Translators-l] Special request for (European) Portuguese translation

Jon Harald Søby jsoby at wikimedia.org
Wed Jan 25 17:20:29 UTC 2012

[Just ignore this if you don't speak Portuguese]


This is a request for a European/African Portuguese translation. The
fundraiser team will be doing a test in some African countries next week,
using the Isaac appeal. Therefore they would like to have that translated
into Portuguese. As far as I
written Portuguese in Africa is usually the same as European Portuguese,
therefore it would be preferrable if this could be written in the European

The request is here:
It uses Special:Translate; just click "translate this page" on the top to
start translating.

The test is scheduled for Tuesday, so it would be awesome if it is ready
before then.

Jon Harald Søby
Community Fellow
Wikimedia Foundation
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