[Translators-l] Translation credit

Casey Brown lists at caseybrown.org
Fri Jan 21 21:25:53 UTC 2011

2011/1/20 KIZU Naoko <aphaia at gmail.com>:
> My recommendation for wmf editors who publish the translation
> from meta to wmf site
> is using [[meta:special:Import]] for moving the files to wmf site
> which enables us
> to preserve the original history, but sometimes it takes a time and I
> understand not always it hasn't be kept.

Unfortunately, Special:Import usually does not work well for our
purposes because we'll always need to rename the page after making it,
it's yet another thing to do, it clutters the history page, etc.  In
the past I've done what Amir's done and did something like a link to
the workspace and a link to every author's userpage, but this got to
be too much work for too little gain. :-)

In my experience the best way is actually to just do "[[m:PAGENAME YOU
GOT IT FROM]]" in the summary and then anyone can reach the
workspace/workspace history if they want to make changes or if they
want to see who did what.

Casey Brown

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