[Translators-l] Status of the Licensing tutorial translation

Guillaume Paumier gpaumier at wikimedia.org
Tue Jan 18 14:23:35 UTC 2011

Hello George,

Le mardi 18 janvier 2011 à 17:04 +0400, George Mel a écrit :
>  I knew nothing about the Georgian translation. Where is the original
> of this image with editable text?

The original English version is located at:

However, if at all possible, it's better to translate the text first on
meta, so that the translation can be proofread by another translator:

If you think it'll be difficult to find another Georgian translator, and
if you feel comfortable editing the SVG file yourself, then you can
localize the file as well, but you should still add the translated text
to meta, in order for us to have the text available if we need it in the
future (for example to create a version of the tutorial for blind

Thanks for your help!

Guillaume Paumier
Product manager - Wikimedia Foundation
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