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I think Jason pointed out a good idea. It is certainly more engaging if the 
video is done using different languages instead of only English. Nevertheless, 
the video is part of the fundraising plan and we translators usually just 
translate what's done. 

Doing a localized video certainly requires a lot of coordination of WP members 
and users. It would be a good start for other wikis to follow if the Chinese WP 
starts doing this. Other major WP will start feeling the pressure to make one.  

Anyway, I do know that this mailing list should be about translating, but 
wouldn't it be great if we translators could provide this engaging platform 
between users and communities? 

Kong-Soon Lim
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 Hi all , 
I am Jason and I am translating Wiki-guideline into Chinese. I have translated 
to page 7, there are directions according to the Wiki-homepage in English. and I 
suddenly have an idea: What if we capture various home page according to each 
language? I consider that may be easier for those who don't understand English 
to understand instructions. But I don't know how to make picture inclined like 
the original version of the guideline do. What do you say? Will you offer 
assistence? Thank you!

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