[Translators-l] where are we with the fundraiser

Michael Wolf milupo at sorbzilla.de
Sun Nov 21 22:27:24 UTC 2010

Casey Brown napisa:
> Indeed, it is.  I'm not completely sure, but I think you need to talk
> with Wikimedia Deutschland to see if they can accept translations of
> their donation form into other languages.

Hi Casey,

thank you for answer. I'll send an e-mail to Wikimedia Germany.

>> The appeal letter has been translated to Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian
>> and even marked as published - but where? On wikimediafoundation.org I
>> didn't find them, either.
> They're at:
> * http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/WMFJA1/dsb
> * http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/WMFJA1/hsb

Yes, meanwhile I found these pages. But I would suggest that you give a 
link to the landing page on wikimediafoundation.org on the corresponding 
translation page on Meta, e.g. 
messages and so on. As soon as a translation has been published, the 
translator can check the text on the landing page for errors. There 
could be also errors that are not in the translation but e.g. in the 
HTML mark-up of the landing page.

> I get those pages if I click on the donation banners on
> dsb.wikipedia.org and hsb.wikipedia.org -- you do not because you live
> in Germany, so you get redirected to the Wikimedia Deutschland
> donation page/website.
It is a little strange, isn't it? The Sorbian versions are for Sorbian 
people who live in Germany and not for people from a foreign country who 
normally don't understand the Sorbian languages. On the other hand, I 
must confess that all Sorbians speak German. but, nevertheless, they 
have got the right to read texts in their languages.


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