[Translators-l] Translation unuseless ?

Michael Wolf milupo at sorbzilla.de
Mon Dec 13 20:49:17 UTC 2010

Casey Brown napisa:
> Again, this is because Wikimedia Deutschland has fundraising powers in
> Germany, so you are getting WMDE's banners.  (They're currently
> running an appeal from Pavel, which has banners that are just in
> German.)
But the first banner about Jimmy's appeal was in the Sorbian languages.
> If you want to see if you can translate those banners and pages into
> hsb and dsb, you'll have to ask WMDE, unfortunately.
hat's clear we have already spoken about this in earlier messages. I 
have already contacted Till Mletzko of WMDE and unfortunately it is so 
that the WMDE page can translated not befoe next year.

>> These three points reduce translation of fundraiser texts for minority
>> languages to absurdity! My translations appear *nowhere*.
> I'm sorry it feels this way, but, again, your translations *are*
> published:<http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/WMFJA1/hsb>  /
> <http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/WMFJA1/dsb>
Yes, of course, but some days ago these page were at least reachable by 
the Donate link of the sidebar. Now I get the German version of the 
text. Why it has been changed?

> If you were not in Germany, you *would* see your translations and you
> would see what I see:<http://hsb.wikipedia.org/?country=US>  /
> <http://dsb.wikipedia.org/?country=US>.  If you were someone living in
> the part of Lusatia in Poland, or you were in the United States, you
> would see your translation.
That is absurd. The translations are for Sorbs and the majority of Sorbs 
lives in Germany. Isn't it e.g. possible to use 
http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/WMFJA1/hsb adding a link to WMDE on 
this page? The translations would be "interposed" then. The translations 
woud appear *and* the legal affairs for fundraising in Germany would be 
considered by adding the link to the Wikimedia chapter.

>> Why is not linked to site
>> http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Donate/Now/hsb
>> as in the last years?
But Ifind this site good. It presents donors a good survey about the 
Wikimedia fundraiser.



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