[Translators-l] Translation unuseless ?

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 18:06:30 UTC 2010

Casey Brown, 11/12/2010 17:15:
> It's actually pretty possible, unfortunately. :-(  As I'm sure you've
> heard from other discussion on this list, the chapters have
> "fundraising powers" in their jurisdiction, which means that all users
> from their country get sent to their landing page.  [...]

Please, don't talk like this, I don't think this is very much about "power".
I don't think there can be any problem for WMI with a translation of WMI 
landing page, so I've created 
The problem is that you'll obviously need to translate the rest of the 
page, too, and it may be difficult to maintain multiple landing pages: 
actually, I may be wrong (I didn't look into it much), but the template 
system currently in place doesn't seem to be designed to make that easy, 
and this may be the main problem.
So, the page I've created includes the default "interface" in Italian, 
which I dare to say that is not so bad for someone who knows pms (it's 
not like English speaking users redirected to German only pages). If pms 
translators are willing to translate it (or even wikimedia.it pages), 
I'm sure that a solution will be found to publish the translations, but 
until a solution for the above-mentioned problems is not found I suspect 
that this won't be very scalable.


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