[Translators-l] Introduction and question about neutrality

Béria Lima beria.lima at wikimedia.pt
Sun Dec 5 13:55:41 UTC 2010

in some cases is not a problem about translation, is a question of writing.
If i made a article about Brazil telling that is best place in world to live
and you ask another brazilian to review that, she/he will probably agree
with me, but that does not means that we both are right.

But yes, in some cases ask for a "inside" opinion could help.
Béria Lima (Beh)
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2010/12/5 Klaas Van Be <klaasvanbe  yahoo.com>

> Dear fellow translators,
> I am a Dutch expat and decided some time ago to translate articles and
> guide lines in Wikimedia sites.
> Many times one stumbles upon an article with a template that reads
> something like 'doubt about neutrality' many times because it is about
> another culture and/or language. Maybe it's wise to ask native speakers for
> intervention?
> Patio
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