[Translators-l] volunteer.wikimedia.org

Tisza Gergő gtisza at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 11:05:57 UTC 2009

A few comments on the localization of volunteer.wikimedia.org:

* the translations for "Volunteer now" are beyond horrible (e.g. volunteer
translated as a noun in the Hungarian version), and apparently do not come from
the usual translation process (I found no trace on strategywiki, at least). Did
somebody use Google Translate, or what? One would expect such mistakes on the
packaging of a chinese product, but on an official Wikimedia web page which is
trying to convince people to join, it is rather awkward and should be fixed ASAP.
* same goes for the translation of the title in some languages, or so I've been
told. The title is present on the translation page
([[strategy:Call_for_participation/Appeal_letter]]) but has been added after
many of the translations were already done and without notification, so I
suppose it was simply not noticed in some cases.
* asking people the last day to translate the task force application text and
then not using it at all is probably not a very good idea.
* all options in the language select box are in the content language (that is,
in English when you first visit the page) which is not very helpful. It would be
better if each would be in its own language like the interwiki links.
* sorting of the options is done based on the English names of the languages,
which looks stupid when they are not actually in English. (Not very relevant as
there is no reason to use the select box twice, but if you already go through
the effort of translating them...)

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