[Translators-l] New Wikimedia licensing terms ready to translate

Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Fri Jun 26 01:19:28 UTC 2009

2009/6/25 Tisza Gergő <gtisza at gmail.com>:
> This will clutter the already messy editing interface even further by breaking
> the terms of use into three parts (before it was in copyrightwarning and
> edittools). I don't suppose this can be avoided, as edittools is customized on
> most wikis and cannot be changed in a centralized way, but local wikis should
> then be allowed to suppress wikimedia-editpage-tos-summary and move its contents
> to edittools (or vice versa).

My understanding is this: For the edit page, it should just be two
parts, wikimedia-editpage-tos-summary and wikimedia-copyrightwarning.
The default for the edittools message is to not contain licensing
info. _Some_ wikis have moved licensing stuff into edittools to reduce
clutter above the save/preview buttons. In order to address this need
more explicitly, the wikimedia-editpage-tos-summary message exists to
specifically capture secondary licensing information that can exist
below the edit/save buttons.

This will mean that when we take this code live, wikis that have
customized MediaWiki:Edittools to include licensing info will include
some redundant/incorrect info that has to be removed. There's no way
around that, but for the sake of clean updatability and consistency,
the wikimedia-* messages should be used in future for all licensing
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