[Translators-l] [Board elections] More "vote interface" messages

Casey Brown lists at caseybrown.org
Mon Jul 27 08:11:52 UTC 2009

Hey guys,

Sorry but there were a few more more messages added that we need.  (I
know the day before the election started is not a good time to get new
requests, but there was nothing we could do.)

I tried as best as I could to reuse text/translations from previous
years, but somethings I couldn't find and others need a review.  I got
through quite a few languages, but it's 4:00 AM here so I'm going to
stop for now, if you guys could help that would be great.

The new text is "Vote interface (meta)" on the table:

Here's how you can re-use other translations for these:

* title = the same as the bolded text on the main elections page (the
rules) or the header for the navigation bar

* jump text = the same as we used for the licensing update
I already put these on all the languages we had translations for

* candidate text = can just be removed if your language doesn't
transliterate latin names, otherwise just copy from the "Candidates"
translation (make sure you have all the candidates on there though!)

* introduction = the same as used last year with board vote
but with a few small tweaks: we need to remove the HTML and replace it
with wiki-markup, change all 2008s to 2009s, and update "we are voting
for one person" to say "we are voting for three people"

I hope this helps you guys and sorry again for the fact that new
messages are being added so close to the deadline.

Casey Brown

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