[Translators-l] Where did our translation go?

Tan Vinh TRAN vinhtantran at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 09:48:47 UTC 2009

I'm sorry I can't check the "Go vote" link from your wiki (not enough edits 
I guess). But I guess the problem is the user interface you have chosen in 
the wiki you clicked "Go vote". Hope somebody else can test it.

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Subject: [Translators-l] Where did our translation go?

> I am not sure who is to blame, so I am sending my rant here.
> The Czech (cs) row at
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2009/Translation is
> almost completely green (with one exception of yellow “Candidates”).
> If I check 
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2009/Vote_interface/cs
> then, indeed, it is correctly translated, and has been correctly
> translated almost immediately after it has been created.
> But still, when I went to my home http://cs.wikipedia.org/ today and
> clicked on the centralnotice to vote, I landed on
> http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:SecurePoll/vote/17, where the
> introductory sentence is in English! (Check
> http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:SecurePoll/vote/17?uselang=cs)
> OK, no big deal, one English sentence slipped through, I thought…
> Clicking through to get to spi.org, and, at their server… the whole
> explanation text is in English again…
> It kind of reduces the motivation to translate, doesn’t it? (The only
> good thing is that I personally did not take part in this specific
> translation, so it has not been my own work wasted.)
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