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Michael Wolf milupo at sorbzilla.de
Tue Nov 11 22:08:25 UTC 2008

Casey Brown napisa:
> We do not have anything to do with that, it's on betawiki. :-)  But,
> about that, we tried to use {{grammar:accusitive|{{SITENAME}}}}, but
> it didn't seem to work in the notices.

Hi Casey,

It must be "accus*a*tive", not accus*i*tive. But in Wikipedia we use the 
Sorbian names of the cases:

nominatiw, genitiw, datiw, akuzatiw, instrumental, lokatiw

and the template name is written completely in upper case: GRAMMAR (like 
PLURAL as well) but I don't know if this is relevant. Well, zour example 
should look:


But you should consider that in Slavic languages accusative often equals 
to nominative if a noun denotes inanimate entities, thus things. With 
persons or animals the accusative has the form of genitive. This rule is 
valid for masculine and neutral nouns, not for feminine nouns. Well, 
don't use Wiktionary as an example (because the Sorbian form is 
Wikisłownik. Here accusative = nominative. Use e.g. Wikipedija or 
Wikimedija, then the accusative will be Wikipediju resp. Wikimediju and 
you will see that the template works (I hope so, :-))


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