[Translators-l] about the wikimania conference 2009

khanalsar at iom.edu.np khanalsar at iom.edu.np
Fri Mar 28 15:38:30 UTC 2008

Hello and Namaste!
Although not in the official bidding list,Kathmandu has aspired to host
the 2009 Wikimania conference .For a country like Nepal, poor in economy
as well as several other aspects of technology and knowledge, such an
opportunity not only bestows us with improvisation in our existing
capabilities but helps us broaden our horizon of inquisitiveness and
knowledge.Wikimedia is an established institution which has helped
millions of people worldwide in terms of unbiased and easily available
source of information on a click specially in developing countries like
us.It has also  fostered a feeling for community participation and social
meeting from all over the world.
In such terms , it would be a high privilege to host such a grand
organizational meeting in the doorsteps of a country like ours.Kathmandu
is capable for handling such an event provided  the rich Nepalese
hospitality, excellent hotels , excellent international convention
facility and rich cultural and ecological diversity. It would be an honour
for us as well as the rest of the wikimedia community to avail such
opportunities to Kathmandu.
All the cities bidding for such aspirations are far better in terms of
services, but still we are optimistic that with the community support
Kathmandu can bid well.
We look forward towards your co-operation.

Thank you
saroj khanal

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