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Hum... I wish I could read Japanese!

I just managed to register (using Google Translate to figure out the captions of links and buttons). But I can't figure out how to do any translation work because all the links and menu items are in Japanese. Is there a way to set preferences to tell the system I want menus and dialogs to be in say, English? I couldn't find a preferences item anywhere (using Google Translate).


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I created my account on LibraryThing and try their translation system.
It is like BetaWiki somehow but they have a evaluation system (see
http://jp.librarything.com/translate.php?page=3559844052 for example).
I think it cool. (btw I like the feature on Google Translation with
which you can submit your alternate translation).

While we have already talk page for every page and flagging /
evaluation system on MediaWiki I don't feel it is as handy as they
are. Can we alternate the current system or is anyone already working

Just a wondering,

KIZU Naoko
http://d.hatena.ne.jp/Britty (in Japanese)
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