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Siebrand Mazeland s.mazeland at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 3 17:32:29 UTC 2008

Hi Stacey,
great suggestion to have context hints for messages. Niklas thought the same
thing a few days ago and implemented it. Now we need 'people in the know' to
document them. The hints are being displayed when editing messages.
We keep the messages in a language code assigned to 'local' in ISO 639-3,
'qqq'. An overview of currently documented messages, that can be edited by
everyone with the role 'translator' can be found here:
* core messages: http://translatewiki.net/w/?title=Special%3ATranslate
* extension messages: http://translatewiki.net/w/?title=Special%3ATranslate
If you already have editing rights, you can see the hints in action on
It is of course a huge task to document everything, but if we all pitch in,
it's only 3600 pieces of documentation ;)
We are still thinking if we should commit the message documentation at some
point... Especially because those developers may edit MessagesQqq.php and
definately not edit in Betawiki.
Cheers! Siebrand


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Now if only we could get some better context documentation for each message
there won't be such problematic translations.  Take for example
'editingsection' or 'editingcomment'.  The English is pretty vague and sure
enough the translation was rather silly when I finally saw it in Wikipedia.
Siebrand claims it only takes 16 hours to translate the most used messages,
but that's only if you know exactly what the variables in messages are and
which messages are variables in other messages .
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