[Translators-l] many costly analyse the function phone call.

Nemo_bis nemowiki at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 05:47:16 UTC 2008

Anders Wegge Jakobsen, Aug 2, 2008 19.19:

>Highly visible messages are translated locally on dawiki

Very bad. Actually, I see that there are not so many MediaWiki edits[1], and that the most active translator, Kaare, has just discovered  Betawiki[2], so I hope that he will correct and update messages here. 


[1] http://toolserver.org/~vvv/adminstats.php?wiki=dawiki_p&tlimit=7884000 

[2] http://translatewiki.net/w/i.php?title=Betawiki:Translator&diff=prev&oldid=531551

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