[Translators-l] [Fundraising] Fundraising page menu updated

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 22:07:56 UTC 2007

we updated "Template:fundraisingmenu" so please match your language
version to it, giving localized values to those new variables.
According to the page, we have now 28 language versions. English and
Japanese ones are already updated:

Here is the diff from the current version and the version just before
the ongoing campaign started:

The variables I'd like you to make translation (and update your
language "fundraisingmenu-xx" are two:

|linktext_spendingplans = Planned Spending
|linktext_giftcertificate = Gift Certificate

For your information, all new variables added today's update are:
|linktext_spendingplans = Planned Spending
|linktarget_spendingplans = Planned Spending Distribution 2007-2008
|linktext_giftcertificate = Gift Certificate
|linktarget_giftcertificate =

But, as for linktarget, you may just ignore them on your language
version: unless it is translated (and for Gift Certificate, we decide
to keep it only in English), it should be targeting the English text.

Last not but least, as you may have noticed, we are updating now the
Fundraising page itself ... while it is largely changed graphically,
in the source level, it doesn't required massive changes - you need
only to create five short phrase translations for new variables. After
some tests and checks, I hope you are informed much about that very

KIZU Naoko
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