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Hi Wikimedia translators,
on behalf of Alain Desilets, <Alain.Desilets at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca>, I
forward his invitation to a new wiki and translation related
community, named Wiki-translation.

Before his own words, let me introduce Alain (some of you may know him
as a professional  translator or WikiSym organizer). He is a Canadian
translator and gave a talk at the last Wikimania, where we met in my
Birds of Feather about translation on and around wiki.  BoF was
interesting with several inputs ... including his prolific ones. As
one of its result, we have held a general discussion place for wiki
and translation, which we'd introduce on this email.

The community newly launched will focus on how and what is doing
translation on wiki: it is not same to do on your laptop alone ... it
has many unexplored potential, technically, sociologically or even
economically. We'd like to dig those wiki-editing translation
particularity, in interaction with many types of wiki editors, of
course, including MediaWiki/Wikimedia translators.

Your participation will be warmly welcome :)

From: "Alain.Desilets at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca" <Alain.Desilets at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca>
Subject: Invitation to join Wiki-translation
Date: Nov 6, 2007 12:46 AM

 This is an invitation to join the wiki-translation community:


 Feel free to forward it to anyone who might be interested.

  Wiki-translation is a community for discussing the impact of the
wikipedia phenomenon on the world of translation. It is a place for
people who are interested in translation using a massively
collaborative wiki paradigm. It is a place where we can exchange best
practices and tools for collaborative translation, and learn how to
use them to improve translation quality and productivity.

 The community was started in the Fall of 2007, as a result of online
and hallway discussions between the following people (in alphabetical

  * Louise Brunette, Peter Cowen, Alain Désilets, Lucas Gonzalez,
Louis-Philippe Huberdeau , S.J. Klein, Nelson Ko, Marc Laporte,
Jérémie Leblanc, Thomasz Muldner, Cola Nahaboo, Kizu Naoko,Xavier de
Pedro Puente, Sébastien Paquet.

 The following is a sample of topics which are deemed relevant:

  * Practices and tools for translating any wiki content, including
but not limited to Wikipedia pages.
 * Practices and tools for translating any content (wiki or not) which
is open, constantly evolving and may never reach a final stable state.
  * Practices and tools for translating any content using a wiki-like
process. By that, we mean a process that presents many of the
characteristics of wikis like: open, massively collaborative,
asynchronous, loosely coordinated and controlled, volunteer-based,
  * Practices and tools for creating and using wiki-like dictionaries
and resources (ex: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, OmegaWiki) for the purpose
of translating any content (wiki or not).
 * Research and development to make any of the above easier and more efficient.

 Here is how you can join this community:

 1) First, register on the wiki-translation site

 * Go to http://www.wiki-translation.com/tiki-register.php
 * Fill in the form.
 * Note: You do not HAVE to be registered to participate in the
community, but registration will make it easier for you and the rest
of the community to interact together.

 2) Then, monitor the site's discussion forum

 * Go to http://www.wiki-translation.com/tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=2
 * Click on the first eye icon (beside New topic button)
 * Note: Monitoring the discussion forum allows you to receive email
notification whenever a new message is posted.

 3) Finally, browse the site's wiki pages and contribute

 * Go to http://www.wiki-translation.com/
 * You can edit any page from there, simply by clicking on the edit
button or link at the bottom of the page.
 * Note: You might want to consult our editing policy at:

 If you have any questions on how to participate in this community, we
recommend that:

 * You look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions:
 * You post questions on the discussion forum:

 We look forward to your participation, and hope you will find it
useful and worthwhile.

KIZU Naoko
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