[Translators-l] [Fundraising] New Sitenotice and Flo's Letter

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Mon Nov 5 03:14:10 UTC 2007


thank you for your translation, today's menu ... voala.
* New sitenotice
* Florence's letter - Give the gift of knowledge
* Fundraising FAQ

== New sitenotice ==
I'd appreciate specially your effort to update the sitenotice, which
was updated just yesterday. If you haven't seen the new one, please
give a look to ... so, for example, meta.


See the top at first, you may get the new fundraising sitenotice,
unless you configure your preferences in the language whose
translation hasn't been done. In that case, please try the link on the


Just in the day we got 10+ language translations, but in many
languages, including Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian ... let us
join and have the new, cool fundraiser notice on your project :)

== Flo's letter ==
You may remember the title "Give the gift of knowledge". Was it the
letter of Anthere for the past fundraiser? Yes, but now we are talking
about the new, written last month, just under the same name.

Please read the message .. now on the Foundation website:

And spread the words into your favorite language project with your own
Translation platform is at:

== Fundraising FAQ ==
Do you have a question about fundraising? You may find it on
[[Wikimedia:Fundraising FAQ]] or its equivalents.

There are still many ongoing translations on meta, including the ones
just waiting for proofreading ... please give a look to your favorite
language version and, if it isn't done yet,  so fix it :)


Thank you for your interesting,

KIZU Naoko
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