[Translators-l] Re : Translation Commitee's meeting report (2007/03)

Christophe Henner christophe.henner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 23:38:09 UTC 2007

> Could you just explain *once* *why* meta is not "right for this"? Meta is
> our central coordination wiki. Linking the communities is one of its goals.
> If meta fails in that, improve it, it is a wiki.
> --
> Guillaume Paumier
> [[m:User:guillom]]
> http://www.wikimedia.org

It was once meta. goal. Today if we want to make it more welcoming we
need to change nearly everything in it's organisation. It would a
*HUGE* amount of work and in the end mix coordination and information.
I admit the "translation wiki" is not the good name, I say because the
issue was raised on a translation meeting.

This is just to start a conversation, I'm trying to find solutions to
seduce new volounteers.

Thinking about it, we can try to set the pages on test. and then
modify meta. but even then it would a lot of work in reorganisating
the whole metawiki.

Oh why meta is not "right for this"? Perhaps because it's a total
mess? Or perhaps because when you come rarely on it, or the first time
you come, you can't find the information you're looking for? It's
normally his goal to coordinate volounteers and reflexions but do you
think it's reachable for a newcomers?

Easy, even old contributors on project don't want go on meta. because
they don't understand anything... Yes we can rebuild everything,
remake main page and everything but it would take ages to do it.

If you have a easy solution to reorganise the whole wiki in order to
make it more welcoming, you're more than welcom to tell me, but for
the moment, as we are *just discussing* about it, I feel like setting
up a new wiki with only one goal, internal communication, is the best
way to do it.

We really need to get more contributors involved, I'm trying many
things on local projects, but if the core wiki, meta., is not
welcoming at all it become really hard to get someone involved.

Internal communication issue is a damn complicated problem, and any
opinion is welcome.

The thing that saddens me is we have like 10 big communities, but
we're not working together. In every community you have ideas, bots,
experience ... and we're wasting it. If we had a really "Core
Community Wiki" we could improve the communications between the
projects, we could build bridges between the communities... right now,
every projects, even with the same languages, are nearly
independant... and few contributors get involved locally or within the

If we want to get them involved we need to make it easy, and it will
be easier with the hiring of the Volounteer Coordinator. But in my
opinion we can make it even easier with a dedicated "wiki".

It's my opinion, and you know I think yours is valuable, so I really
want you to continue giving it even if we disagree :D

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