[Translators-l] translation invitation for Wikizine

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Sun Jun 17 15:14:20 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,

I am [[meta:user:Walter]], the one that is making the newsletter
Wikizine about the Wikimedia Foundation projects. My newsletter is in
English. Some time ago people have volunteered to start making
translations of Wikizine.

Currently there is besides English also Deutsch,  Español and Indonesia.
 The people making the Español seems to have lost interest and this
version will be suspended soon if there are no takers to take it over.

Deutsch and Indonesia have only one person to work on it. The person
working on the German version is not able to provide translations of all
editions because of real live work but is definitely not giving up.

The person making the Indonesia edition seems to mange to do it alone
for now.

If there would be people interested to help out with an language edition
of Wikizine then that would be very useful.

Especially for the German edition. That would be the least work because
the bulk of the work will be done by Mbimmler who does the DE Wikizine
version.  It would be helping out when Mbimmler is to busy.

For ES WIkizine there seems be nobody left so that would be more work. I
prefer to have fewer languages that can operate good instead of more
unrealible languages services.

This mailing list is for Wikimedia Foundation translation matters,
Wikizine is about Wikimedia Foundation matters but is not a WMF project.
This posting is more a FYI, maybe there are here people who have fun in
translating and are interested. If so then there work would be very welcome.

But the primary responsibility for people to help out are the respective
languages communities who until now do not show any interest.

Walter Vermeir


Contact: walter AT wikizine DOT org
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