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Posted on behalf of the election committee,

This page can be found at



The purpose of the endorsement requirement is to try to make sure that
the election only includes serious candidates.  We need to do this
because this election is being conducted for Wikimedia which includes
many languages, and therefore we are trying to have every candidate's
statement translated into as many languages as we can.  This work is
done by volunteer translators and can only be done only if the number
of candidates is limited to a reasonable number.

The requirements for time-on-wiki and edit-count requirements help to
make sure that only serious candidates participate, but the Elections
Committee did not wish to raise these requirements too high because
then some genuine candidates might be excluded, so we have added the
requirement for endorsements.  Because the Elections Committee
believes that the endorsement requirement is important to the Board
election process, we urge that reasonable requests and discussion
concerning endorsements should '''not be considered a violation of any
local anti-canvassing guidelines or norms.'''

===Criteria for Endorsement===
All candidates standing for election are required to obtain 12
endorsements for their candidacy.  Criteria for endorsement are the
same as criteria to vote: users endorsing must have 400 edits in any
namespace or combination of namespaces on a single Wikimedia project
and at least 3 months edit history prior to June 1, 2007.  Candidates
who have not received the required number of endorsements will not be
allowed to stand for the election.

===Qualified candidates only===
Only qualified candidates may be submitted for endorsements.  If you
are not willing to be confirmed through the candidacy process
(including verifying your identity to the Foundation, and meeting the
minimum qualifications for candidacy), your name will not be submitted
for endorsements.

===How to endorse===
In order to endorse a candidate, locate their endorsement section on
YET], and "sign" it using four tildes <nowiki>(~~~~)</nowiki>.  You
may also leave a very brief (up to '''100 characters''', roughly
equivalent to 25 word in many languages) statement for the reason of
your endorsement.  Statements longer than 100 characters '''may be
removed''' at the discretion of the [[Board
elections/2007/Committee/en|Election Committee]], though the
endorsement will remain valid.  Endorsements will open 0:00 June 17,
2007 (UTC) and can only be withdrawn during the endorsement period,
which closes 23:59 June 23, 2007 (UTC).  After 23:59 June 23, 2007
(UTC)  you may not submit or withdraw any endorsements. Endorsements
may be removed '''by members of the election committee only''', and
''only if the endorser is found to not be a qualified voter in this
election'' or the endorser has endorsed too many candidates in the
election.  In that case, all endorsements by that endorser will be
withdrawn by the committee and the endorser notified so that they can
re-submit endorsements up to the maximum number allowed.

===How many candidates may I endorse?  I'm a candidate, how many
others may I endorse?===
Each qualified voter may endorse up to 3 candidates for election.
Candidates may only endorse two others (their endorsement of
themselves is implied by virtue of their self-nomination).  Candidates
should not "sign" their own endorsement section, and their own
endorsement will not count toward their required number of

===When may I endorse a candidate?===
The endorsement period will begin 7 days after we begin accepting
candidates for office.  On the current timeline, you may begin
endorsing on June 17, 2007, at 0:00UTC.

===A candidate received an invalid endorsement!  What do I do?===
Please contact a member of the [[Board
elections/2007/Committee/en|Election Committee]] who will investigate
the claim.`
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