[Translators-l] [Election] Mail to the unqualified votes whose vote will be struck

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 06:49:10 UTC 2007

Election Committee needs your help as soon as possible. Ideally within
a day. Please give a look to the message quoted below which I sent it
to the foundation-l originally.

We are going to contact over 200 people by email and would like to
send a message in their own languages as possible as we can.
Specially we need the languages
* French
* German
* Dutch
* Spanish
* Polish
regarding to the number of unqualified voters. Also there are needs of
Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish or Czech, even voters
from those language community is small in number.

The request is on meta:

Thank you for your help!

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Date: Jul 5, 2007 3:24 PM
Subject: [Election] Unqualified votes striking
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The Election Committee regretfully announces that we will have to
remove approximately 220 votes submitted. These votes were cast by
people not entitled to vote. The election rules state that users must
have at least 400 edits by March 1 to be eligible to vote.


In accordance with voting regulations the Election Committee will
strike the approximate 220 votes due to lack of voting eligibility.
The list of struck votes are available at
<https://wikimedia.spi-inc.org/index.php/List_of_struck_votes>. The
Election Committee is trying to contact those voters separately by

It is possible that some of those people may have accounts on other
projects where they have more than 400 edits, and they may still be
eligible to vote. We strongly encourage them to vote again with their
other account. For those people who don't have any other accounts
eligible to vote, we hope they reach the criteria in the next
Election, and will be happy to see them participate in the future

Your comments, questions or messages to the Committee would be
appreciated, and can be made at [[m:Talk:Board elections/2007/en]].
Again, we would like to deeply apologize for any inconvenience.

Kizu Naoko
mailto:aphaia at gmail.com
For Wikimedia Board Election Steering Committee

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