[Translators-l] What to do with outdated translated pages?

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Thu Jan 11 15:47:21 UTC 2007


On 1/1/07, habj <sweetadelaide at gmail.com> wrote:
> Personally I do not even know what pages in Swedish there are. When
> pages for the election were translated, they were tagged with a
> non-existant category "Category:SV" but at the time I chose to ignore
> it. Probably I should create it and put all Swedish translations I
> find in it, making it possible for someone else to find them. Since
> categories are used on all the projects, it should be a something that
> new translators can easily find.
> Do other languages have any other kind of system?

If I understand correctly,  some translation teams attempt
systematical approaches. See [[m:Translation teams/ar]] or
[[m:Translation teams/ja]]. They have a list of ongoing translations,
and assigns each translation priority, degree of accomplishment and
whatever they prefer to mention. It seems to be maintained manually,
so it would be fitting to a team consisted in some regulars rather a
few (so mostly unorganized) translators.

By the way, motivated this discussion, I tried to implement some ideas
on this thread. I think it ugly and redundant by myself, so template
gurus, your improvement will be heavily appreciated ;)
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Translation_data  <-- Template
<-- one example of its application

Again I say, obviously it is redundant comparing with the
"translation" template*, and I expect we can merge it, though I don't
know how-to regretfully. I will very appreciate your help.

* http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Translation

Since the translation template on the above is now used here and
there, it will be nice to make a new upper-compatible template as a
test and apply it to a test page. If it works well, we'll apply the
newer one to all ongoing translations.

Your ideas and proposals of improvement from a different direction
will be continously appreciated.

KIZU Naoko
  Wikiquote: http://wikiquote.org
  * habent enim emolumentum in labore suo *

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