[Translators-l] wikilinks in pages to be translated

habj sweetadelaide at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 18:15:21 UTC 2007

Is there any concensus regarding how wikilinks to articles in, for
instance, English Wikipedia should be handled when translating?
Can/should they be replaced with a link to corresponding page on the
wiki in the language I translate to, or not? Can I and the other
Swedish translators change the wikilinks to point to the articles we
see fit, and remove them at our choice, or not?

It is not always that wikilinking seems to have been performed with
great care. For instance, the beginning of
is much more heavily wikilinked than the rest. I can think of several
names and concepts that can be wikilinked in that text, that are not.
Another example: the word "engineer" in the description of Anthere is
wikilinked to an article about a special type of prestigious French
universities which does not seem very intuitive. The Swedish wikipedia
does have an article on the topic
but it is really just a list of mainly red links to university names,
and does not make much sense to link to. Is it OK to remove that link,
and wikilink for instance Kennisnet in the section about Jan-Bart?


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