[Translators-l] Proposal to rearranging meta translations-related pages.

Massimiliano Lincetto m.lincetto at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 17:53:45 UTC 2007

Hello. I'm an Italian user, on meta I have helpted with some translations into 
the Italian language. I noticed that the translations-related pages on meta 
are confusing and contain old and obsolete stuff. So, I tried to draft a 
report of the most important pages, with use, status and suggestions for each 
You can find the report here: 
Then, I wrote a proposal to restructuring some of that pages, in order to make 
them most clear and to archiving/deleting some old stuff. 
You can find the proposal at Meta:Babel: 
I ask everyone to review and comment the proposal on Meta:Babel. Thank you and 
excuse me for my English. 
Yours sincerely, 

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