[Translators-l] Transcom core lang is being revised (and a question to Portuguese language editors)

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 11:25:27 UTC 2006

Hello translators,
today I ask Portuguese language editors a question about a rumor; to
what extent do you understand Spanish documents? Or to what extent can
those Spanish document be substitutes of equivalent Portuguese

I have heard such a rumor and I would like to hear the Portuguese
Wikimedian opinions.

Transcom [[m:Transcom]] have been working along a frame named "core
langs". It is almost a set of languages Transcom members care for
primarily, assuming they may be first requirement on public relation
of the Foundation. From the start (this April) it has been English,
French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese (ah it isn't because I am
Japanese ... I think it no favorism ... it reflects just facts that
most of Japanese are illitate in any other language than Japanese and
that Japanese projects are today in a significant size ......).

Lately I proposed its revision. See on meta:

Any suggestions & comments are welcome both here and on its talk. I
hope it goes live after discussion and improvement(s). Just note, core
lang doesn't mean the significance of each language per se: it works
just as a short term goal of Transcom, and we Transcom are willing to
revise it periodically, mainly following each language community
growth and also growth of volunteering translators' pool.

And my first question therefore arises here, since my evaluation (see
meta please) suggests Portuguese may be considered a possible
candidate to that "core lang" and it is regretfully one of languages
whose translators we can find not every time.

So I would like to ask you Portuguese translators: how could Spanish
documents helpful for you? I heard from several Skandinavian editors
that they are okay with other Skandinavian language document; a
Swedish editor is okay with Norwegean document, vise versa. I would
like to know whether the helpfulness of Spanish documents to
Portuguese language editors is so strong as Skandinavian languages to
those editors or much weaker.

And if Portuguese language community need to have Foundation related
documents in their own langauge, beware, you Portuguese language
translators will be stalked by Transcom members ... <g> and some other
language (perhaps Russian according to the current proposal) will be
less suffered by such ostinate contacts from Transcom, just because of
the limitation of human resources on the coordinators' side.

Your suggestion, opinion, further question and any other input will be welcome.

Kizu Naoko
  Wikiquote: http://wikiquote.org
  * vox populi, vox dei *

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