[Translators-l] Translating wikipedia articles using OmegaT - Q&A chat

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Tue Sep 26 22:06:05 UTC 2006

Hi, sorry again for one of those unpersonal mails. And sorry for some
typos - I am not re-reading the mail and my "r"-key still creates problems.

I will crosspost this mail to several mailing lists that could be
interested as well, so you won't see the single recipients.

 From your answers I noted that being in different time zones and having
different requirements we probably will not make it to do a real
OmegaT-course online - some also don't have Skype. So I will be online
for sure tomorrow morning from 07:00-09:00 UTC and on Thursday from
07:00-09:00 UTC (corresponds to 09:00-11:00 Italian time). I very likely
will not be here on Friday morning.

Anyway I am online normally every morning in the mentioned hours as well
as in the evening. I'll try to create a schedule I update on a daily
basis so that you can see when you can find me.

Therefore we will do it in a Q&A style in IRC on

I chose the #wikimedia-translation channel, because it is about
translating Wikipedia articles. The how-to material will be online by
tomorrow morning - so I'll give you the link to the various pages during
the Q&A.

Don't panic if you cannot be online tomorow morning for this: since the
poject will last for some time you will find me online for questions
whenever I am at the computer - and that is quite many hours of the day.

Download OmegaT:
Version 1.6 RC10 - including Java for Windows:
    (you don't need to care about the installation of Java on your
computer or about updating it)
Version 1.6 RC10 - including Java for Linux:
   (you don't need to care about the installation of Java on your
computer or about updating it)
Version 1.6 RC10 without Java:
    (here you need to have an updated Java version on your computer -
this works both for Windows and for Linux and OSX)

Most of the people adhering to this project will use Windows - so I am
going to work with only Windows during the next days.

Access to the Chat-channel: you can do this in various ways. If you
already have a chat-software installed (for example Chatzilla for
firefox) you simply connect to the channel like you do with othe channels.

If you don't have such software and would like to avoid doing tests here
and there now: there is also a web interface where you can access to the
channel - I tested it with Firefox and Internet Explorer - both work fine.

Go to the URL:

As for "Nickname: " choose a name for youself and overwrite the contents
of the box
As for "Server:" please subsitute the contents with: irc.freenode.net
As for "Channel:" please substitute the contents with:

Then click on login. It can take a minute or so to really access the

Now to the sample text we will use:
Please go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OmegaT
Click on edit
Select the whole of the contents
copy it (ctrl+c)
and paste it in an empty .txt file - save the file with UTF-8 (the
windows editor is great for doing that)

 From there: we will see from tomorrow on in the chat.

The how to's will be online here:

Actually there is the WikiRead-WikiWrite feature for OmegaT being
programmed - so as soon as we have this it will be introduced. For now
most files will reach you as .txt files (even if this means more
organisational work). The way of doing things like above would be the
actual way to go, but I don't want people, who are new to wiki and
OmegaT to learn too many things at once - it could create more poblems
than doing good.

During the next days the texts to be tanslated will be prepared and I
will start to distribute them among the included translators. You will
see a schedule for each involved translator online so that you also will
be able to see from there who is going to do what and when. The links
will be added to the project page where you also find the how to's.

The Chat-logs will be made available as well through the main project page.

What else: I suppose not much more right now. Well if you feel this can
be interesting for other people: just tell them :-)

Meet you in the chat then :-)



Sabine Cretella
s.cretella at wordsandmore.it
skype: sabinecretella
IRC channels where you can find me:

Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale! 

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