[Translators-l] Requests for translation from an individual editor?

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 10:39:18 UTC 2006

if you offer a help for translation to an individual editor who might
speak your mother tongue but no other language, where and how do you
prefer to be asked such requests?

"Forward your mail to me"? "... to translation-l, good luck"? Or "go
[[Translation requests on meta]]"? Or "give a look to

Where would you like to be asked a help?

Recently I have been aware of demand of translation on individual
basis; a certain editor needs to say something to the Foundation but
he cannot speak in English, a certain editor wants to claim the
"global" community but says nothing feeling the pressure "you need to
speak in English" (note: it might happen, and I don't deny some feels
such a tendency, not being aware of clamed multilingualism on
Wikimedia project). As an individual volunteer whose native language
is not English, who finds sometimes difficulties on communication with
people whose language I cannot speak, I think I understand their
frustration, and also possible loss from dyscommunication. Personally
I am sympathy for them, and not only that, I think we will be happy to
hear to them, specially if they would like to speak something about
the Foundation a/o their project with sincere concerns.

So I would like to set a clear and simple path between those editors
who don't speak major languages like English to the extent they want
by self and you translators. It might be not only the case of English,
but also of other languages. Shortly, I would like to see editors not
hesitant to post to foundation-l in their own language, when they
think they need to do so. Not only to foundation-l, but to all other
our multilingual mailinglist, including wiktionary-l, wikibook-l,
wikisource-l ...

So let us share your idea and preferences. Where is the best place to
exchange such demand and supply in your opinion?

Sorry, only in English, and happy translating!

Kizu Naoko
  Wikiquote: http://wikiquote.org
  * vivemus, mea Lesbia, amemus *

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