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Hello, all
a translation drive seems to have come ;)

WMF website
need to update
- [[Board of Trustees]] translations (esm fr it, ja, nl, zh)
- [[Wikimedia bylaws]] translations (de, fr, it)
- [[Template:News-xx]]

Also there is a press release. You may translate and disseminate it to
your local press.

Sorry, I have now no time to reorganize TR. Could someone care for it?
In my opinion this series of translations is worthy to be ranked #1 on
Current requests (Template:Translation requests/curreqs).

I will be absent almost in the next week. Sabine Cretella and other
experienced translation coordinators will answer your questions

Your translation of the forwarded message into your community will be
great, too.

See you at the next week meeting hopefully,

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Subject: [Foundation-l] Board officers elected; Anthere is Chair!
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I have been asked to announce this in my new formal officer role as
Executive Secretary:

The Wikimedia Board met in Frankfurt, Germany on October 22,
immediately following a planning retreat attended by the Board and
more than 20 members of the Wikimedia community.  The Board voted
unanimously to elect Florence Devouard as the Chair of the Board, Tim
Shell as Vice-Chair, Erik Möller as Executive Secretary, and Michael
Davis as Treasurer.  Jimmy Wales assumes the title of Chairman
Emeritus of the Foundation.

Jimmy Wales said: "I nominated Florence to be the chair of the
foundation in recognition of her outstanding service for the past few
years and her unsurpassed passion for our goals.  Having such a
trusted community representative elected as our new chair demonstrates
the growth and strength of our organization."

 - - - -

For reference, the resolution:

The Board resolved that, from the 21 of October and for a term of one
year at most, as defined in the bylaws:

Motion by Jimmy Wales, following discussion, the Board consensus
resulted in the following officers:

  1. Florence Devouard shall be the chair of the board of trustees
  2. Tim Shell shall be the vice-chair
  3. Michael Davis shall be the treasurer
  4. Erik Moeller shall be the executive secretary

Jimmy Wales shall assume the title of Chairman Emeritus of the Foundation.

Approved unanimously at the board meeting - 21 october 2006


The current legal responsibilities of the different officers of the
Board are defined in the bylaws:

Peace & Love,

Member, Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees

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