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Hello folks,
I'm honored to announce that Wikimedia Commons celebrates now 1M files
and say our colleagues congratulations.
Dear translators, we'll appreciate to see the press release elaborated
and also translated into many languages.
For further information, see the forwarded message.
Again, congratulations, Commons!

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Commons is proud to announce it now has over one million uploaded
files. The one millionth file, as determined by
en:User:Daveydweeb/commons:User:RandyWang who was watching the logs at
the time (or closely after), is a photograph of a sealife viewing
gallery at Singapore Zoo, part of a series taken by User:Terence Ong
in a visit to the zoo.


Congratulations Terence!

Press releasey stuff here, improvements and translations welcome:


The logo mosaic is now frozen, as well:


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