[Translators-l] [Foundation-l] Translation subcommittees' open meeting is today on November 5, 22UTC

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 02:26:00 UTC 2006

Thank you for showing interest. We had a nice meeting, I think. Over
10 people attended. Some latest activiies were examined and
improvement was suggested. Some new proposals appeared, some
committment were expressed. Those committments include
- create a new helpful document on meta (list of people, checklist etc)
- propose a system to maintain our work on mailinglist
- propose future plan of meeting to improve communication between
people who are engaging with translation and coordination

Meeting log is available online.
Communications subcommittees/Trans/meetings/2006-11

Any further question about the meeting will be expected to go to translators-l.

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