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Dear Aphaia,

Do you mean the Chinese Wikipedia? I have sysop rights there. How can I
update them? Do I just edit the corresponding two messages?

Best Regards,

2006/8/31, Aphaia <aphaia at gmail.com>:
> Thank you for your comments,.
> On 8/31/06, Ceila Sanchez <ceila.sanchez at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> > One question,
> > I really don't understand what those messages mean.
> Good question.
> Those messages are part of Boardvote interface which allows you (me
> not ;x) to vote for the candidates. However not everyone can vote, so
> those people will get one of those messages.
> May anyone who have voted through it want to add more details? ;)
> As for boardvote_entry. It will be replaced later. Since we are now
> completing the final list of candidates including some clarification
> about vote eligibility, and it will be released after an appointment
> of some new staff to the Election Committee is announced to the
> community.  All should happen within a day.
> Thank you for your aids, Tom Chiu and Zuirdj.  Would you please ask
> your sister projects' admins to update those messages on their wiki,
> if you have a time?
> To Anyfile. Good point. Currently I suggest the meta page can serve
> you in that purpose like "quick translations" page. Or is it the time
> we are better to consider a translation dedicated wiki, instead of
> meta as our platform? Will this wiki be opened or closed? And why?
> What kind of translations goes there? Only Wikimedia related or any
> translations including TotW? And why? ...
> There are many things we may want to consider. If you let us know your
> idea more closely, on the centralized place for translation, it would
> be nice.
> Cheers,
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