[Translators-l] Translations of [[Palm Sunday]]

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Sun Mar 20 09:52:10 UTC 2005

As many of you might know I have an Italian mailing list where I send in 
a word a day together with related links - this not only to promote 
wiktionary, but the wikimedia projects in general.

This includes links to wikipedia, commons, wikibooks (always if I find 
ressources that are available or if someone tells me). Yesterday Saturn 
for example was also linked to the pictures on commons.

Now to day we have Palm Sunday for many people in the world, in two 
weeks this recurrence is for the orthodox church - and of course 
whenever there are special days I try to send in the translation of just 
this day.

So starting from the English wikipedia I added translations to the 
article - searched for the French version with google etc. and added the 
Italian and German Pronunciation.

The result is here:


What I would like to ask you now is to check, if the copied and pasted 
names are really correct, add pronuciation-files to meta and link it 
here (or just tell me how the file on meta is called - I can then link it).

If you have languages to add, please do so - at this moment there is

:*{{cs}}: [[Květná neděle]]
:*{{de}}: [[Palmsonntag]] {{m}} 
[[Media:de-Palmsonntag.ogg|<small>''Ascolta la pronuncia''</small>]]
:*{{en}}: [[Palm Sunday]]
:*{{fi}}: [[palmusunnuntai]]
:*{{fr}}: [[dimanche des Palmes]]
:*{{nl}}: [[Palmzondag]], [[Palmpasen]], [[Passiezondag]]
:*{{no}}: [[Palmesøndag]]
:*{{pl}}: [[Niedziela palmowa]]

And who is worrying about the user interface: if you are logged in you 
can set the language of the ui by clicking on "preferenze" in the line 
where your user name is and set it to the desired language. If you don't 
want to do this, just klick on "modifica" when you have the Italian user 

If someone is worrying that he/she doesn't know the language name in 
Italian to insert the translation: no problem - just insert the language 
code like shown above (e.g. {{de}} for German) - when you save your 
changes the language name will show up.

I'll send another mail today referring to Persian New Year, so please be 
patient :-) It's a special day and the word of the day list today will 
receive two words of the day.


Ciao, Sabine


Sabine Cretella
s.cretella at wordsandmore.it
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