[Translators-l] Re: [WikiEN-l] Re: 500k press release

Sj 2.718281828 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 13:05:37 UTC 2005

Alright, the press release is finished now, the multilingual portal's
stats are updated, the 500k'th article has been chosen... the
million-article pool has closed.  I suppose we'd better date the press
release and announce it!   On Michael's advice, let's start sending
out the release today, and throughout the weekend.

I've updated the text on meta, for those who wish to translate it:
For the proofreaders out there : please check to make sure there are
no stray typos or missing commas.

If you have press contacts in your area, please add them to the
logbook and send them a release... if you don't have contacts, now's a
good time to make some.  When you send a release to someone, make sure
you enter their name in the logbook, claim it, and then update it with
a  timestamp.  That way we won't spam anyon with more than one notice.


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