[Translators-l] Call for translator into ja

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 18:00:27 UTC 2005

Hi folks, 
by accident my keyboard is broken. Some but inportant keys are
defunctioned therefore now I can input efficiently Japanese text.
Under current environment my kana-kanji input doesn't work well.

So, if some of you continue to translate the rest of the newsletter,
we cannot keep the deadline, March 15. Besides Interview, though now
we have a hope it will come also on March 15, with devotion of
M-Falcon, there are still a report on Vala's thesis, Calender and
Endnote unfinished. Currently it is okay for me to input latin
alphabet but I am afraid some of keys will be defunctioned too.

Fortunately NJT gave me his words he will care for WQ2 as proofreader,
but I promised him to give him finished translation, that is why now I
ask your help here. I send this mail to him too, in the worst case, he
have to finish Vala's thesis report by his own hands, and because of
limitation of terms (we have only 4 days!) I long for anyone who can
give us a help.

Recently we did the second grobal fund drive and gathered over $90.000
; we promised on WQ1 the second issue will come soon ; and as for the
first fund drive here on WQ2 the report both of drive itself and the
purchase as its result will be reported. we are responsible for our
donors and readers to let them know what we did and do.





email: Aphaia @ gmail (dot) com

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