Re: [Translators-l] Vorschläge für Übersetzungen

Aphaia aphaia at
Sun Jun 5 08:48:38 UTC 2005

Hallo Alle, 

On 6/5/05, Jon Harald Søby <jhsoby at> wrote:
> Erm, I don't suppose you could post these mails in English as well?

A good suggestion,

> Not all peopl are that steady in German, 

Stimmt ;-)

>and this being an international list,


> English should IMO be the preferred language…

Hmmm I would like to choose a bit different cource.
I admit English is de facto our lingua franca, so in the most case it
is most convinient for all if they want to communicate all of the

It doesn't mean however, in my opinion all messages on the list should
be written in English. If someone want to talk to the German speaking
people who are eager to and interested in translation, that is the
place, and I have no objection to write in German, in that case.

The list is international,. hence shouldn't be monolingual. I have
alerady read English, French or Japanese message on the list -
shortly, allow Teutons to speak in their own languages (and if it is
either German or English,  it is equal to me ...).

On the other hand, German is apparently not considered the must choice
of translators on the Wikimedia project, so I recommend German
subscribers to add English translation or at least a brief summary in
English for convinience of other language spakers. More languages,
much happier ;-)

Herzlichen Gruesse,
email: Aphaia @ gmail (dot) com

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