[Translators-l] Wikimania 2005! Jimbo, Ward, RMS, and 300 of you...

SJ 2.718281828 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 10:37:28 UTC 2005

Dear all,   ( translators, please forward to your local projects )

Wikimania 2005 is coming up, during the first week of August.  It is
being held in Frankfurt, in a beautiful hostel-and-conference-center
downtown.  If you are planning on coming, register this week, before
the conference and hostel rates go up!


Send email to wikimania-registration at wikimedia.org if you have any
diffulcties.  See who else is already registered:

We have some excellent speakers coming, including Jimmy Wales himself,
Ward Cunningham, Richard Stallman, Sunir Shah of MeatballWiki, and
Ross Mayfield of Socialtext; also Gabriele Beger on law, Achal
Prabhala on rural information development in Southern Africa, and
Stefan Magdalinski on building magical wiki applets.


There will also be presentations by core developers of many wiki
platforms, including Twiki, Xwiki, and Socialtext; by Wikipedians,
about their projects; and by academics researching Wikipedia.

The whole conference has been made as inexpensive as possible, so that
all can attend. The last three days will be a larger conference, when
we take over the entire hostel; it should be a great deal of fun.
Registration for all three days is 50 Euros.  The first half of the
week will be devoted to our Hacking Days, a small-group discussion and
brainstorming among developers; these days are free (but you must
register for them as well, to reserve space in the hostel).


ps -- If you are interested in helping out with the event, even if you
can't be there yourself, we could use help setting up our Trivia
Contest and judging the initial entries for the summer writing & media
competition.  More about these later.

pps -- If you really want to come, but can't quite afford it; please
register and fill out the field at the end of the form to request a

ppps -- If you can't come, but still want to participate, there will
be audio streaming, IRC backchannels, and regular podcasts available
of conference events.  You can sign up or ask for details on the
remote-particpation page:

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