[Translators-l] Translations of a press release

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Sat Apr 9 12:35:16 UTC 2005


as many of you probably know we had a donation from Kennisnet to create 
the Ultimate Wiktionary. This is the first time there is going to be a 
press release about the Ultimate Wiktonary of course including also 
other issues relevant to our donator and communities. It is going to be 
sent to the ANP - the Dutch version of ANSA (Italy), DPA (Germany) - so 
this means the National Agency where press releases are sent to to be 
distributed to all interested parties (TV and radio stations, 
newpspapers etc.).

We would like to send the press release to the other National stations 
as well - obviously already translated.

We will have a few days to have the translation done and I would like to 
prepare this small but really important multilingual project now in 
order to do everything step by step.

I also created a page on meta here: 

I would kindly ask you to contact me by e-mail or answer to this list 
and tell me who would like to do the translation and/or proof reading 
and for which language.

I am adding my name for German (translation/proofreading), Italian 
(translation - proofreader needed).

It would be good to have more than one person for one language since 
sometimes it could occur that someone of us does not have time.

I'll then create a page on meta where I insert the organisation scheme.

Thank you for your attention and help

And: I think we can use this small exercise for all the press-releases 
that will need translation during Wikimania.

Ciao, Sabine

Sabine Cretella
s.cretella at wordsandmore.it
skype: sabinecretella
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