[Translators-l] New kid with silly question

Magosányi Árpád mag at bunuel.tii.matav.hu
Tue Dec 21 16:49:39 UTC 2004


Thanks, it helped a lot. The next silly question:

What is the right way to translate templates?

If I create templates appending "_HU" to the original template
names, and translating into them, is that okay?

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Ayman Hourieh a következőeket írta:
> Hi,
> > 
> > Where did I create a link to /Hu ?
> > I remember translating that one sentence calling for help.
> Yes, on that page, you can open the Hu newsletter page by clicking /Hu
> (the title of the help notice):
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Translation_requests/WQ/2/Hu:&action=edit
> > I also remember adding a hu link to
> > http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Translation_requests
> > I still could not figure out how to add hu to the language list.
> > 
> At the end of the language list in the first page of the English
> newsletter, there is an edit link, click it and you will be taken to
> this page:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Template:WQ-2-langs&action=edit
> Now add a line for Hu similar to other languages.
> If you're still having problems, let us know, I can help by adding a
> Hu link in language list, and creating a skeleton for the first page
> in /Hu.
> Good luck :)
> -Ayman

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