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Achim Raschka achim.raschka.wp at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 8 13:50:15 UTC 2013

Dear all (if there is any),

I just confirmed for this list and think it is a good idea to start to
introduce myself  ... and ask who additionally is here.

I am Achim Raschka from the German Wikipedia and I started a project called
Festivalsommer (means festival summer) in the beginning of this year. For
this project we got some budget to buy three sets of festival cameras and
we sent out wikipedians and commons photographers to several festivals over
the summer period. I think we were quite successful with a total of more
tha 70 festivals visitied and by now more than 12.000 pcs uplaoded from
more than 500 bands or artits - you can find an overview on those outputs

For 2014 we will go further to our second round - and I think it is a very
good idea to have some links to other international organised photographers
since there are several overlaps and other cool ideas in the wiki world
starting from sports and music photography to aerial photographies and

That's me - who are you?

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