[Mediawiki-i18n] Internationalizing project names

Erik Bernhardson ebernhardson at wikimedia.org
Wed Sep 16 02:00:17 UTC 2015

Here are two ideas from talking to a few people, I'm not sure either is the
right approach though

First is to use CLDR to convert russian -> russische, and and plug that
into an i18n message. This would have to be in WikimediaMessages and
override a message without wikipedia. This feels awkward and will likely be
wrong with with some language pairs.

    Showing results from the $1 wikipedia

Idea 2 comes from observing that we are initially able to detect 50
languages and are only mapping to a primary wikipedia for each language. We
could make 50 matching i18n messages in WikimediaMessages with a fallback
to a generic message.

Search-results-from-enwiki: Showing results from the English Wikipedia
Search-results-from-frwiki: Showing results from the French Wikipedia

This will have scaling issues as we integrate wiktionarys and other
projects but is less than a thousand messages so is feasible.

On Sep 15, 2015 3:34 PM, "Erik Bernhardson" <ebernhardson at wikimedia.org>
> Within search we are moving forward with cross-wiki searching.
> This means if you go to de.wikipedia.org and search for
''Ревест-Сен-Мартен" we should show a message like:
>> No results found on the German Wikipedia
>> Showing results from the Russian Wikipedia
> Except of course, it should be (beware machine translation):
>> Keine Ergebnisse auf dem deutschen Wikipedia gefunden
>> Zeige Ergebnis aus der russischen Wikipedia
> So somehow, we have to map from a wiki id (ruwiki, enwiki, dewiki, etc)
to a localized (not for that wiki, for every other wiki in all languages)
version of that project name. How can we go about this?
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