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To the right list, if not done yet.

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(2nd attempt to post, sorry if this is a duplicate.)

We're starting to use the translate extension on our wiki (
http://oer.educ.cam.ac.uk). Is this the right list to post a question on?

My question is: If you are going from one translated page (e.g. base page
in en, translated page in fr) to another page (in en) that has a
translation for the same language (fr), can you automatically stay in this
language? I.e. if you on [[A/fr]] you click on [[B]], can are you
automatically taken to [[B/fr]]? There seems to be some provisions for
this, but it's not clear to me.

Also, is it possible to add "languages" - for us it's not so much different
languages, but we're creating localised versions of a teacher education
resource for different contexts (which are mainly English-speaking), which
involves replacing things like "Zambia" with "Rwanda", but also more
complex adaptations.

Our resource is quite complex (e.g. extensive use of templates, and
semantic mediawiki) see
http://oer.educ.cam.ac.uk/wiki/OER4Schools - would somebody with MLEB
experience be happy to have a chat to see whether MLEB is the right tool?

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