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Shimmin suburbanpanther at yahoo.co.uk
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On 30/03/2014 10:40, Federico Leva (Nemo) wrote:
> Please give a quick look to the images for the languages you know: 
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i2af7xvn4y593gc/-RRtFyoJji/captchas
> If you spot something we're not aware of, please comment: 
> https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5309#c32
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Re: GV captchas

I suppose it depends what you're going for.  At present it looks 
reasonable, words combined together arbitrarily to type out.  The one 
thing I would suggest is maybe excluding words with a cedilla (ç) as not 
everyone knows how to type this, and they may confuse similar words with 
c or c-cedilla, but it's not crucial.

If you actually want the captchas to make any sense in terms of word 
combination and construction, that would be a whole different issue.  
There's inflection, rules on what happens when words are run together 
(spelling changes for one), and so on.

You don't need to worry much about swearwords because it's deeply 
unlikely any online Manx source includes them, people didn't write that 
stuff down when dictionaries were being compiled.  There may well be 
some awkward terms

*Specific problems:*

Quite a few of the l look like i in this font, which seems problematic.

There are also a number of captchas that resemble actual words, but 
aren't.  I don't know whether this is the intention or not.  I also 
don't know whether you care about using proper names or not.

I don't recognise the word "leight" from "leightfoalsey" and can't find 
it in the dictionary. 
Should this be "leigh"?

Neuscanshoily ??? 
Looks like "neuscanshoil" with a random -y added, a hangover from 
English behaviour?

"Broaçhaaue" doesn't mean anything. "Broaçh" does but "aaue" doesn't 
(though Aaue is a proper name) so this is a weird combination. 

Perick is also a proper name 

This one is particularly hard to make out 

The form "vaayl" is a rare grammar-induced form of an unusual word 
"faayl" (turf-cutting spade).  It's easy enough to make out, but if 
you're aiming for this to be words people might know then I'd change 
it.  I might change this to "faayl" anyway. 

Donal also a proper noun 

Hard to read, could be "hiu shee" or "niu shee" 

This one means "arctic castration" (spoiy = castration).  Not obscene, 
but maybe not for everyone? 

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