[Mediawiki-i18n] MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2014.03 release

Kartik Mistry kartik.mistry at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 10:44:43 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki Language Extension
Bundle 2014.03. This bundle is compatible with MediaWiki 1.22.4 and
MediaWiki 1.21.7 releases.

* Download: https://translatewiki.net/mleb/MediaWikiLanguageExtensionBundle-2014.03.tar.bz2
* sha256sum: f3a253e05f6b7c4f451882a1a78a138a1dcaecd2777237d0c2b8af7c3ecced70

Quick links:
* Installation instructions are at: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MLEB
* Announcements of new releases will be posted to a mailing list:
* Report bugs to: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org
* Talk with us at: #mediawiki-i18n @ Freenode

Release notes for each extension are below.

-- Kartik Mistry

== Babel, CleanChanges ==
* Only localisation updates.

== CLDR ==
* Updated to CLDR 25.
* Localisation updates.

== LocalisationUpdate ==
LocalisationUpdate is rewritten for JSON file format support for
extensions. This is compatible with MediaWiki 1.19 and above.
* Extensions using JSON are fully supported and LocalisationUpdate
will pickup new languages as they appear.
* LocalisationUpdate will store translation using JSON file format. If
extension is not yet migrated to JSON, messages will be stored as PHP

=== Configuration changes ===
==== Global Variables ====
====== $wgLocalisationUpdateRepository ======
Default repository source to fetch translation. MediaWiki's Github
mirror is set to default repository to fetch translations. This is
added with version 1.1.

===== $wgLocalisationUpdateRepositories =====
Array of repositories URLs from which to retrieve localisations for
core MediaWiki and extensions. Default is set to GitHub's MediaWiki
Git repositories and you should not change this unless you're using
this performance improvement or otherwise know what you're doing. This
is added with version 1.1.

==== Script parameters changes ====
With version 1.1,

 --repoid: Fetch translations from repositories identified by this

==== Notes ====
* Once core MediaWiki switches to JSON format, all users must update
LU to keep receiving updates. They will need to update anyway because
older versions of LocalisationUpdate do not support JSON at all.

* If an extension switches to JSON, we will not be able to provide
updates until its local checkout is updated to such a version.
LocalisationUpdate does not know about the switch and will try to
fetch the PHP shim, which does not have translations any longer. This
is usually okay, as the PHP shims support old MediaWiki versions;
problems might appear if the extension has other incompatible changes
which prevent updating.

* For more details, also see:

== Translate ==
=== Noteworthy changes ===
* Added support for insertables with numbers in the end on translatable pages.
* Improvements in TUX shortcuts: Shortcut indicators are now more
visible. Fixed display in RTL. Added indicators for up/down arrows.
* characterEditStats.php: Mention the max age of recent changes
($wgRCMaxAge) limits.
* Added a notice about ULS extension dependency. On Special:Translate,
it will fail with MediaWiki error page if ULS is not installed.

== UniversalLanguageSelector ==
=== Noteworthy changes ===
* Compacting the interlanguage links with the ULS as new Beta feature.
Displays a shorter version of the language list with the languages
that are more relevant to you. More info at:
* Bug 56081: Reset webfonts where inline css style found upon reset.
This fixes broken live preview for content font.

=== Fonts ===
* Updated Lohit Oriya font to new upstream version and renamed to Lohit Odia.

Kartik Mistry/કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી | IRC: kart_
{kartikm, 0x1f1f}.wordpress.com

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